[TRANS] Sechskies 50 Questions, 50 Answers – Lee Jae Jin

Dubbed as the master of dance(?) Lee Jae Jin

jaejin 1



  1. Name: Lee Jae Jin
  2. Birth date: July 13, 1979
  3. Real name: Lee Jae Jin
  4. Family situation (family living with him): Dad (1), Mom (1), little sister (1)
  5. School you’re currently going to: Busan-gongye Highschool
  6. Height: 173 cm (5’8″)
  7. Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
  8. Foot size: 290mm (US size 11)
  9. Favorite food: Pizza, crushed pear
  10. Favorite color: Silver
  11. Most memorable gift: Perfume
  12. Closest friend (in the group or otherwise): Kim Tae Ok, Lee Tae Yong, Lee Eun Jung (to me, they are my closest friends)
  13. Your personality: Dark, gloomy, cheerful
  14. Your own charm: I don’t know
  15. Your dancing skill: Call it fantastic.
  16. Jinx: The feeling of putting on new socks in the morning, or…
  17. Your unusual habit: I have good eyesight
  18. Your disadvantages: Talks too much
  19. Your advantages: None.
  20. First love: Ah! There’s been a lot, so I don’t know
  21. First kiss: Ah! There’s been a lot, so I don’t know
  22. Hobby: Gathering seeding furrow(?)
  23. IQ: 126
  24. Stress reliever: Sighing heavily
  25. Your favorite music genre: R&B, Euro house
  26. A musician you respect: Seo Taiji, Lee Hyun Do
  27. Goal for yourself: Happy ending
  28. Nickname: Kim Choon Sam
  29. Sleeping habits: Sleeping when hurt
  30. Sport/exercise you do well in: Aerobic
  31. Religion: Christian
  32. #1 treasure: Waist
  33. 18th on the karaoke: Love Without Regret (by Position)
  34. The reason why you got to be in Sechskies: My girlfriend took a recording of me dancing during the school festival. She then sent it to the agency. ING Lee Ju No hyung contacted me, and I went there to train. Our boss introduced me.
  35. Most memorable teacher: Teacher Kim Young Heun
  36. When you wanted to see your mom the most: When I’m hungry
  37. Ideal type: A cute girl (long hair, big eyes, etc…)
  38. When you watched an AV for the first time: 2nd year of elementary
  39. Something you’ve cried over recently: When I got separated from my family, friend and senior
  40. Where you want to live when you grow older: Egypt (pyramid)
  41. Places you frequently go to (except school, home and office): Post office
  42. Best arcade game: Tetris, Art of Fighting
  43. The sound you hate the most: Starving! I’ll be out overnight until 1pm tomorrow
  44. Stuff you currently have: Tetris game, money, wallet, ring
  45. The color of the underwear(?) you’re currently wearing: Black
  46. Part of your appearance that you’re most insecure with: My hand
  47. Food you can make on your own: Spaghetti
  48. Day you made your biggest mistake: My close friends know (my fate has changed)
  49. Something funny that happened on April Fool’s Day: I don’t really know
  50. Lastly, something you’d like to say to your manager: Please buy us food after this magazine shoot
  51. Even if you have nothing to say, please write: It was my girlfriend’s birthday, but I wasn’t able to greet her. Let me take this chance to say some greetings. “Happy birthday! Remember!”



2차가공금지 / 许请勿二传二改

Translator: ljoesonly

Raw Provider: Anonymous

Taken from: WEWE Magazine May 1997 Issue


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